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Floor Sanding

We use only professional floor sanding machines such as Bona, Lagler and Festool.

Our machines are 98% dust free. 

We can restore any wooden floor from original Victorian pine to the modern engineered flooring.


We use only high quality staining products. Our technitians will apply samples onto your freshly sanded  floor.

We offer alcohol and water based stains from Morrells and oil based stains from Osmo, Bona and Blanchon.

Gap Filling

Filling the gaps will give your floor a uniformed look. It works as an insulation especially on draughty floors.

We use sawdust mixed with resin for smaller gaps and wooden slithers for gaps over 7mm.  


We use only the best oil products available on the market such as Osmo, Bona and Blanchon.

The oiled finish creates a smooth silky finish.

Re-coating is necessary every 2-3 years.

Re-coating will protect your floor and keep its beautiful look for decades without sanding.




We use only professional, long-lasting and hardwearing lacquers and varnishes to protect your floor. The water based lacquers from Loba and Bona dry in an hour or two, and it's easy to apply.

The sheen of the finish can be Gloss, Satin, Matt, Ultra-Matt or Natural.

Scandinavian Look


There are several ways to achieve this beautiful, modern look. One of the options is to stain the freshly sanded floor and apply Morrells white stain. 

Other options are Osmo, Blanchon or Bona Craft white oils.

A similar look can be achieved by using Bona Nordic Primer with two coats of clear lacquer on top. 



We can repair any damaged wooden floor including engineered floors.

We use several reclaimed yards around London. We can supply different types of reclaimed wooden floors including Victorian or Georgian pine floorboards and pine or oak parquet blocks of different size, colour and age. 


Staircase Restoration

We can restore any staircase from old Victorian pine staircase to a modern hardwood staircase. An old Victorian staircase restoration takes longer, especially if the sides of the steps were painted severals times over the decades. 


Other Services

- We can remove and restitch your old fire place hearth with reclaimed floorboards matching the existing floor

- We can remove your old carpet, tiles or laminate flooring

- We can level your floor by adjusting the joists

- We can fix and replace the joints under the floor

- We can provide and install beading to hide the gap between the old skirting and the floor

- We can apply wood-worm killer treatment to your old floorboards

- Etc, etc, etc ....

20190826_101608 (1).jpg

Even more 

You will get a 5 year guarantee for your freshly restored floor.

We will send you useful links how to take care of your newly lacquered or oiled floor and we will advise you what products are the best on the market to keep your floor look brand-new for a long time. 

We offer Thermal Insulation

and Soundproofing Insulation

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